Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks To Increase Business Profits

Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks will help you to find your way through a complex or crowded area. They can come with one or two interactive functions like a map, calendar, or calculator. These interactive wayshows can be used in combination with LED, backlight, or LCD displays, touch screen, or voice recognition technology. The best interactive wayfinding kiosk solution will use LED technology because it is available everywhere you go, including on street signs, in airport lobbies, and in train stations. LED is the most flexible choice for any interactive display because it is bright and clear and can be seen from several feet away.

Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks consist of an electronic display screen and up to four interactive functions. The wayfinding screens are easily customized by Horizon Components, Inc for most uses. For instance, the Horizon HOBSK-WPN is an electronic display that can be used in combination with the company’s floor plan program. When guests arrive at the front desk they can scan the floor plan with the device and immediately view the full floor plan, which includes not only the destination point, but also all the other rooms and amenities.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way of promoting your company or event you should consider an interactive wayfinding kiosk. An interactive digital signage (IDCS) system provides an inexpensive and effective way to attract new customers. IDCS systems provide the name, address, phone number, e-mail address, photo image, website, map and many more information about the customer. Most of the new systems offer a guest list so that you can build a targeted guest list for events, conferences and meetings.

Using a system such as an interactive wayfinding kiosk will improve visitor retention. By providing the information about your business to the visitors before they even arrive at the front desk, you will enhance the chances of making sales. You will also find that these interactive screens capture the attention of the visitors and keep them reading for a longer period of time. The best interactive wayfinding software uses high resolution displays that are designed to be easy to read from a distance. The displays should also be clear and to the point and the technology should be simple to operate.

One of the newest technologies in interactive wayfinding kiosks is the wireless system. This technology allows the owner of the kiosk to monitor the location of the kiosks from a distance. This is beneficial because you will know which direction to look in case there are problems or other issues. Wireless wayfinding signage works well when there are multiple locations to display the signs.

When choosing the interactive wayfinding kiosks for your business, think about what kind of content will interest and inform the visitors. It is important to make sure that you have content on your signs that will provide the visitors with up to date information about your company. Your interactive wayfinding kiosks will help guide your visitors to your location and increase your chance of increasing your profits.