Hand Sanitiser Kiosks – Getting More Affordable For Businesses

Hand sanitaire is the safest way to keep the premises clean. Sanitising is easy and convenient and there’s no need to worry about cross contamination from other people. Hand sanitaire is also a cost-effective solution to keeping your premises clean, which is much safer than using hand towels or cleaning agents. Sanitise hand towels with hand sanitiser wipes which remove any potential bacteria from the hands and then disinfect the towel by hand before returning them to the surface to be used by the next customer. You can save money on disposing of hand towels in landfills or recycling centers.

hand sanitiser kiosks

There are many benefits to installing hand sanitiser dispensers in your establishment. They make hand washing more pleasant for your customers. Sanitise your customers with your own personal sanitary hygiene product which kills germs without boiling them, as is the case with hand sanitiser sprays. The latest hand sanitiser gel from Delft is ideal for use in these kinds of dispensers because it combines antibacterial properties with the oxygenation element of the sun. In areas where air quality is a problem, this gel sanitizes hands much quicker than other sanitisers.

Using hand sanitiser dispensers allows you to keep your premises clean. These dispensers are so versatile that they can be added to existing machines. This helps keep your staff operating in peak conditions and reduces your staff costs. Hand sanitised water is also easier for your customers to drink from. As hand sanitiser gel is low in moisture content, the hands will stay clean much longer. It reduces the risk of cross contamination and hand washing which is both bad for your business and bad for the environment.

The installation of hand sanitiser dispensers may not seem like a major expense but it does go a long way towards making your premises more pleasing to look at. Your signage hand sanitiser kiosks will have a significant impact on your bottom line. If you install the best technology then you could potentially save up to 40% on your cleaning budget each year. Signs are one of the most obvious places to put the hand sanitiser but there are many other places including sinks, toilets and storage cabinets that you could include in your advertising. It is a cost effective way of promoting your product and getting your name out there.

In the hospitality industry it’s well known that the hand sanitiser dispenser allows restaurant staff to reduce the amount of hand washing that takes place. This means that less soap and detergent are used and this in turn means less bacteria is generated during a hand wash process. The reduced hand washing also means fewer particles of food left on customer’s hands. Restaurant hand washing is often a mandatory requirement by some restaurants and cafes and with an LED display showing how much soap is left and a visual reminder placed in a prominent location, customers are much more likely to hand wash their hands at the table.

Many non-essential shops make use of hand sanitiser hand washing machines to keep their premises clean. These are often located on high streets or within shopping centres and in order to attract people, they often have attractive graphic displays to entice people into the shop. As more non-essential shops make use of hand sanitiser vending machines on their high streets and in their stores it has become necessary for councils to implement strict rules regarding advertising. It is essential for businesses to attract foot traffic as they do not have the funds to advertise through other media.

One innovative idea which is becoming commonplace in business premises is the presence of a hand sanitiser refill machine. As well as attracting foot traffic, they provide a cost effective solution which eliminates the need for employees to stock up on hand sanitiser. One of the reasons why these devices are becoming so popular is because they combine simplicity with usability. As well as a clear display of the amount of liquid being dispensed, these refill machines allow customers to simply touch a screen in order to indicate how much liquid is remaining. Once the appropriate amount has been depleted, the device provides a safe means of ensuring that hand sanitiser is used properly before it has a chance to lose its effectiveness.

There are now three types of mobile hand sanitiser available on the market. These include wall mountable hand sanitiser for businesses which do not have a large amount of space available, compact wall mountable hand sanitiser for cafes and restaurants which tend to be crowded and offer little room for manual refill, and the ultra-modern ultra-touch system which incorporates a slim form-factor and an internal auto-dispenser. The slim form factor allows it to be incorporated into virtually any type of wall or table top space. Although they are aesthetically appealing, they feature the most advance technology to ensure maximum hands-free convenience. The ultra-touch internal auto-dispenser ensures that users never have to struggle for a needle or paper to ensure that they receive the optimum level of hand sanitiser.